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Who will be Apple’s biggest competitor in 2022?



Although Apple’s competitors are fierce at the moment, there are many companies that could be Apple’s biggest competitor in 2022. Here are three major contenders: Samsung, Google, and Microsoft.

Samsung Logo

1. Samsung
Unbeatable Prices and Amazing Quality – Samsung has often been ranked as one of best tech companies to buy a smartphone or computer from. Although it may not have hit first place (yet) when it comes to computers, their products are definitely some of best looking, most advanced and well priced on the market.

Microsoft Logo
Microsoft Logo

2. Microsoft
There’s little doubt that Microsoft can compete with Apple on a tech level, but is it enough to knock Cupertino off its pedestal? Microsoft has already developed a lot of products that rival or even surpass Apple’s top-of-the-line gear, and they continue to develop even more each year.

Amazon Logo

3. Amazon
According to a new report from market intelligence firm Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, Amazon’s tablet sales grew an impressive 66 percent last year, compared to just 7 percent for its competitors. With Amazon selling devices as low as $50 with ads—and as high as $230 for Kindle Fire HDX tablets—the company is very likely eating into sales of iPads and other more expensive devices. Not only that, but Amazon is also raking in money through Kindle Fire users’ purchases of digital goods.

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Disney Logo
Disney Logo

4. Disney
In an industry where no company is even making close to what Disney is, it’s hard to say that anyone else will stand a chance of competing with them. In fact, I don’t think anyone really can. Over time, Disney has shown that it knows how to attract and engage its customers more than any other major media outlet (and quite possibly any other company). That said, I think in 10 years we’ll start seeing some very real competition from Amazon.

Google Logo

5. Google
For years, people have been claiming that Google is going to hit a wall. But its online search business has only gotten stronger—and diversified into mobile search, video, and display ads—which have made it an even more attractive place for advertisers. The company’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Netflix Logo

6. Netflix
If you’re a binge-watcher, nothing tops Netflix. The streaming service has a seemingly endless stream of movies and television shows—and every season of its most popular series—at your fingertips.

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