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What is Neil Patel Ubersuggest? and why you need it



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Ubersuggest is an amazing tool that helps you find keyword ideas, create lists and suggests different keywords that could be used on your website or blog to help improve the search engine rankings and overall search engine optimization (SEO).

While it has been around for some time, many people still do not know about it or how useful it can be to those who run blogs and websites.


IIn this article, I’ll tell you what ubersuggest does, show you some examples of how to use it and give you my thoughts on whether this tool will help you grow your audience and make more money from your website or blog traffic.

Ubbersuggest - Neil Patel
Ubbersuggest – Neil Patel

How does uberSuggest work?

uberSuggest, a free keyword research tool, allows users to easily search for long-tail keywords based on their website topic or niche. It gives ideas on related keywords that can be used in a meta-tagged page or header. Keywords are an important factor in SEO; they’re what bots use to find your site (along with links) so it’s important that they’re relevant.

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Should I get a premium account?

If you’re just starting out or have a small website, then there’s no need to pay for a premium account. The free version has everything that you would normally use from an SEO tool. However, if your site gets over 1,000 visitors a day or more, then I would highly recommend going for a premium plan because Google uses RankBrain and other tools to determine your sites relevance. I personally use Moz Pro at $99/month for my business.


The list of best keyword research tools

There are plenty of keyword research tools available to help internet marketers, content writers, and bloggers. One such tool that many people have started using recently is called ubersuggest. It can be used for multiple uses as well. This includes getting suggestions for how to write your pages, how to optimize them, what terms you should be using in your tags and titles, among other things.

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How Do UberSuggest keywords perform compared to Google Keyword Planner?

Now, here’s where things get cool. Let’s say I searched Google for how to use UberSuggest. Google would generate a number of keyword ideas including UberSuggest alternatives, UberSuggest vs keyword planner, and a bunch of other generic keywords. The thing about these keyword suggestions is that many of them don’t contain any traffic or conversions on their own.


Why use Ubersuggest in combination with other keyword research tools?

Ubersuggest, ubersuggest, uber-suggester…. If you are serious about your niche, keyword research will be crucial in order to rank in competitive niches. You’ll want to do as much keyword research as possible before starting your website or business because good keywords (keywords that convert well) are hard to find. Luckily for us, there is a free tool called UberSuggest that does all of our heavy lifting for us!



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