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Unique features your macbook have that other laptops don’t



Macbooks are really cool and offer many great features that other laptops don’t have, so I compiled a list of ten things your macbook does that other laptops don’t. Hopefully you find this article helpful! 🙂

Apple's Macbook
Apple’s Macbook

1. MacBook’s trackpad.

This touchpad is second to none. It’s easy to see why some people would say it’s the best pointing device in any computer ever made. It makes using an Apple laptop much more user-friendly, especially for those who are new to using a Mac. The multi-touch gestures make using trackpad much simpler than if you were working with a traditional mouse (which can be a pain when you don’t use one). Plus, it just looks cool!

2. Battery life
One of Apple’s biggest claims with new MacBook Pro models is that they can run for 10 hours on a single charge. That seems like a lot—but it really does depend on what you’re doing.


3. Keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboard shortcuts, or hotkeys, allow you to do all sorts of things much faster than you could otherwise. For example, pressing Option-C means Copy. Because it takes less time to enter a keystroke than it does to click and choose Copy from a menu, hotkeys are an efficient way to perform various tasks. Mac OS has an extensive list of standard hotkeys—it’s always worth looking through them if you want to accelerate your computing speed and save yourself time in general.

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4. TouchID.

The built-in fingerprint sensor known as TouchID allows you to unlock your computer quickly and easily. This is particularly useful for those who use their computers in public spaces, or anyone with security concerns. TouchID can also be used to make purchases within iTunes, iBooks, and App Store—and it’s coming soon to a lot more stores.


5. Faster than others in the same price range.

Apple’s computers are revered for their powerful, easy-to-use operating system and intuitive interface. But its computers also boast faster processors than competitors—as well as larger memory storage and longer battery life. If you’re in the market for a new laptop, check out Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Pro.


6. Better screen quality than others in the same price range.

It’s not just a pretty picture – it’s razor-sharp. At 2304 x 1440 resolution, it’s higher than Full HD and delivers crystal clear images with deliciously high pixel density. And you’ll notice less glare in bright lighting conditions too. So you can enjoy true colours and make out even more detail from every image, whether you’re watching a movie or swiping through an online album of your holiday snaps.

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7. Harder to break, and more durable than others in the same price range.

You’re not going to need to replace your Macbook. The Unibody construction of MacBook is so strong, it can take a five-foot drop or be run over by a car and still work just fine. And unlike most similarly priced laptop brands, there are no moving parts in a MacBook. So when it comes to durability, nothing beats Apple.


8. Slick design compared to other competitors in its price range.

The MacBook is slimmer and sleeker than most of its competitors, making it a looker to boot. At 0.95 inches, it’s actually thinner than many models in its price range. And at 3 pounds, it’s also considerably lighter than similar devices (it weighs a full pound less than even Apple’s lowest-end laptop). Its unique tapered design also helps with weight distribution and makes for an overall more comfortable experience when typing on your lap.

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9. Easier to work with programs like office on a Mac, since it’s made by apple.

Macs can run Microsoft Office natively, making it easier to work with programs like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. You can also still use Apple’s Pages word processor, Keynote presentation program and Numbers spreadsheet software for Mac users—which are compatible with MS Office files in most cases.


10. Apple care covers everything under warranty, while HP, Dell etc… you need to pay extra for repairs.

Apple Care Protection Plan ($269) extends the notebook’s warranty to three years. The plan also covers up to two incidents of accidental damage, each subject to a service fee. AppleCare+ is a good insurance policy if you want piece of mind for things like liquid spills and drops. As for repairs and replacements, Apple may still charge if you aren’t covered by Apple Care Plus or Apple Care Protection Plan



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