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Twitter: Jack Dorsey speaks over Elon Musk bid to buy Twitter



Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s co-founder and one of the largest shareholders had seamlessly break silent concerning Telsa CEO – Elon Must bid of $43B to own the micro blogging new company “Twitter”. A week past the Telsa CEO has made a bid to purchase Twitter on for each share costing $54.20.

Twitter Co- Founder - Jack Dorsey
Twitter Co-Founder Jack Dorsey

Meanwhile investor and shareholder had blocked the plan of Elon Musk’s request which ties his troat down over having full control of Twitter.

Mr Jack who stepped down as the first CEO of Twitter in 2021 giving right to the new Ceiling Parag Argrawal in response to people talking over the weekend said classifying the board as “consistently the definition of the company Twitter”. As he is is still going to retain in the board of director holding on to his 2.2% per share of the company.

Mr Dorsey further agreed the venture capitalist, Gar Tan that a board controlled so badly can eventually make billings of USD in value disappearance. A user asked him if he was permitted to speak public on the matter he replied him with – *NO*

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk said with Mr Dorsey’s departing from the Twitter board of directors probably no owning no shares, that there own interest does not relate for the shareholders.

Further said, Past week Elon Musk had made an offer of purchasing the 100% stake of the Twitter company for the cost of $43B rounding to %54.20 per share and also of in cash , in a filling with the United states security and exchange commission, El on Must said my offer is my most best and final bid if not accepted I’d rather reconsider my possition as a major shareholder.


On a recwnt TED 2022 conference the Telsla CEO made it clear that he have a plan B if the board of Twitter does not accept his offer though he didnt disclose the details as you will be given update.

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