Gov. Hope Uzodimma calls the recent activities in IMO as politically motivated. | The Countdown Nigeria
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Gov. Hope Uzodimma calls the recent activities in IMO as politically motivated.



IMO state Gov. Hope Uzodimma says that the recent voilent activities in the state as the situation is now has been politically motivated.


According to the speech Gov Hope Uzodimma gave the speech to the state house after being sumoned by the President Muhammadu Buhari over the week.

The Gov. claims that the recent activities and attacks in the state have been some political motivation on people’s lives, properties and including the destruction of the leader of the Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo, Professional Judge Obiozo in Awo – Omamma.


Gov. Uzodimma said after meeting with the president that he is now taking strict measure in his actions both in man power to the state’s security and along side helpful ammunitions, and use of local vigilantes and community ruler to ensure a riendly safe state.

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Yes, after meeting with Mr President, I have been set to take strict measures and increase in man power, ammunitions, local vigilantes and community rulers to provide an additional security to the people.Gov. Uzodimma says

The Gov. also said that it is quite unfair how these gunmen have been working hard to destroy the state and wanting to give his term a bad name, claiming that if they gunmen do not want peace at least they should come for negotiation further saying he have been appealing for peace ever since the incident started.

– If you don’t want peace at least come to negotiate which is something that could be done to make the state a friendly place to live in not making it a hazard, i have been making appeals for us to put hands together and create a government for everyone.Uzodimma Says.

The Gov. says that he’s assuring that those that are behind these acts in the state will be caught and be strictly punished with measure as they have those so much harm in the state as a whole.


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