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How to get rid of constipation from our body system!



                             Stop constipation

Living health is rated as one motive ever required to gwt lofe going!  I thought of this topic and I had to let it out, we feel good not disease not seackness but there is this one time rival we have in life and that is said be called Constipation!         Constipation is simply the moment we feel like releasing our stool but can let is go for some reason of pains and and aches which actually starts from stomach to the toilet. When we constipate we feel restless and disturbed and literally uncomfortable………………………. Here are ways to get rid of contipation from your body system.
This is a extravagant way of getting rid of contipation, by taking enough fruits you are required to take enough fruit with Michael water in it and vitamin A this will help soften your stomach and help you realease your stool.
This is an organic way of getting rid of constipation, eating foods with enough fiber, and balanced diet can help you get rid of it 
They say water is life in all aspect it is basically true, you taking at least 5 litres of water a day is the best choice of getting rid of constipation and be free.
Environment Training
Eating in an unhealthy environment can literaly make you have constipation so I suggest we should know our prefered environment for our body system
When the body system is all weak and slow the food we take is literally gets slow in doing funtions in the body because there is not strong system to carry them about this can cause a bold constipation to the body leaving you unhealthy and uncomfortable, I advice we should exercise more when we are at leasure times.
           This post is meant for everyone around the world suffering from different kinds of constipation, do the above required treatments and amendment and leave a comment below of what your result is!

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