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Gender equality And Sex inequality



This is a serious issue in today’s society, where women fight to be heard and notice,where women want to rule and be in charge,where women no longer want to keep silence but to speak up. The society seek Gender Equality.


know why we are seeking Gender Equality,I will like you to know that the world is still living with rules of years ago,Years when women could not speak for themselves and have to hide under someone’s Shadow and that is why many society would not move forward.

The reason is simple, people mistake Gender for Sex and that is a controversial issues today.


So the question is what is Gender and what is Sex?

GENDER:is the grouping of sexes into masculine, feminine,Neuter and common gender.

SEX: Is the features designed naturally by God to differentiate male and female.


Sex is God while gender is man made,that can be changed over time, let us stroll backward to yesteryears.

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Years ago people designed jobs and named the Gender that was suitable for the job, Example hairdressing,fashion designer,make up,chef and many more were seen as the job of women,while driver,barber, engineering,Directors and off course president were mad Uline jobs but today,we have female drivers,female leaders,female directors, the fact they are females doesn’t change their sex,it doesn’t make them less a woman,it only proves that we have equal ability which is Gender.


Today we have male chef,male secretary,make up artiste,chef,hair dresser ETC , The fact that they are men with the masculine genitals,it doesn’t make them less a man ,it only means we are equal in ability.

Therefore instead of us to spend our time getting angry that we belong to a particular class of GENDER,we are been abused,let us know that what a woman can do a man can do better,what a man can do a woman can do even better.


Let us know that we have equal ability,a man can head a firm so can woman,our abilities are not limited to our sexes, our abilities are only limited to limit we set for it.

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We are equal in ability which is center but are not equal in ability which is GENDER but are not equal in SEX which is made by God..



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