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Easther: Sterling Bank get sanctioned by APCON over release of Easther message.



Countdown Nigeria – Sterling bank plc of Nigeria on monday was sanctioned by the Advertising pratlctioners council of Nigeria over sending out an offensive no-law-abide Easter message to people.

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From a note signed by the Chief Executive officer – Mr Olalekan Fadolapo, states that the released distasteful message (advertising ) was neither submitted nor got approved for exposure by the ads standard panel board, before the bank put it out on their social various social platforms.

APCON had assured that they will do everything possible to prevail that Sterling bank is santioned, for an offensive exposure ads stating from law that there is no religious belief or faith which rediculed ads ads exposed in any guide.

APCON wrote that ASP was the to be the statutory members charged with responsibility to ensure that ads ad head to the prevailed law of the nation as well as the code of ethnicity of ads in Nigeria.

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Further noted by the APCON regulators that Sterling Bank has engaged on a roadside consultant to create the copy which has been found to have blocked the ads law of Nigeria.

Sterling Bank had in the wake of the Easter celebration put out a contentious message, likening the resurrection of Jesus Christ to the popular Agege bread.


These move was therefore a failed trail as to draw a line between the Resurrection which christian across the country celebrates as easter day.

Despite its sweetness, health officials have in the past labeled Agege bread to be unhealthy for consumption because of claims that it contains bromate, which has been widely regarded as harmful to human health.


Potassium bromate is a white crystalline odorless substance, which was used as a food additive until it was discovered to be carcinogenic. 

However, the Easter message which sparked outrage among Nigerians, forced the bank to issue an apology, which failed to appease many Nigerians who believed that the move wasn’t genuine.

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