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China-Taiwan: Taiwan shots down unidentified drone flying around it’s territory



Taiwan has reportedly shot down and un-identified drone in one of it Island sitting few km to China. According to earlier report, the drone was seen on Thursday in small island of Lion water in Kinmen county grouping which is in Taiwan’s controller.


The Kinmen Defense Command, a branch of Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense, said the drone was shot down after warning flares failed to drive it away.

This is the latest in a string of similar incidents to have taken place near the offshore group of islands.


Unidentified drones have been reported in the Kinmen area for four days in a row but this is the first time one has been shot down by Taiwan.

On Tuesday, Taiwanese soldiers fired flares at three unidentified drones that flew near Kinmen and warning shots at one that re-entered the area.


It is not clear who is flying the drones, though China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Thursday it was “not aware of the situation” and that it was “pointless for (Taiwan) to exaggerate the tension.”

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After Tuesday’s incident Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen said she had ordered the Defense Ministry to take “forceful countermeasures” against what she said were Chinese grey zone warfare tactics.


On Wednesday, Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense reinforced that message at an international press conference called in response to Chinese military exercises in August, saying it will “act in accordance with operational orders to exercise our rights of self-defense.”


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