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2023: Gov Ganjude slams Wike’s request to support his presidential interest



Countdown Nigeria – The state governor of Kano state Mr Abdullahi Ganduje jad just spit warning to the 2023 Presidency counterpart Governor Nysom Wike that he will lose the presidential race on the other hand will lose governorahip while trying to contest.

Gov. Ganduje of Kano state.
Countdown Nigeria: File Gov Ganduje of Kano state.

Gov. Nyeson Wike on the other hand being interested to join the presidential race from the People democratic Party (PDP) had visited Kano state – Gov Ganduje precisely a member from the All progressive congress (APC).

During a speach presented by Gov Wike he disclosed the pleasure of joining the presidential race and thereby pleading to Give Ganduje to supports his presidential interest.

In respond from Ganduje to wike’s request he told him;


“So, you have come to see your brothers and sisters. Good. You are aspiring for the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

We see your efforts. And at the end of it, you’d lose, but you’ll be a good loser. I appreciate good losers, because they have courage. And since you are doing it peacefully, you’ll live long to fight again. I congratulate you, Mr ‘Wise’ Wike. Thank you and God bless.”

Governor Ganduje said.

They thought of being good is clear as people watching rumors that Gov. Ganduje is not in support of Wike’s interest as his statement sounded weird.

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